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Genetics is the study of genes, which is a segment of DNA. It is a discipline examining the molecular structure, function and expression of genes.



  • GeneEd – Developed by the National Library of Medicine, the National Human Genome Institute, and the National Institute of Health, GeneEd is a comprehensive resource on genetics. Covers a range of topics including cell biology, DNA, genes, chromosomes, genetic conditions, biostatistics, biotechnology and top issues in genetics.
  • Human Genetics: An Overview (Video, 2010) – Overview of the study of human genetics presented by Dr. John Landers of UMass Medical School at the 2010 Science Boot Camp for Librarians.
  • Your Genome – Offers videos with leading researchers, explanatory animations, downloadable classroom activities and accurate information about genetics and genomics.
  • Your Genes, Your Health – A multimedia guide to genetic disorders.
  • Gene therapy: Are we there yet? (Video, 2010) – Dr. Guangping Gao of UMass Medical School discusses current research in gene therapy at the 2010 Science Boot Camp for Librarians.
  • Gene Therapy for Neurological Diseases (Video, 2010) – Dr. Miguel Sena-Esteves of UMass Medical School covers possible gene therapy treatments for a range of neurological diseases at the 2010 Science Boot Camp for Librarians.
  • Basic Genetic Resources - This is an American Society of Human Genetics webpage with a list to various resources to learn more about genetics.
  • Scitable by Nature Education, Genetics Topic Room - This resource provides introductory concepts and links to other reading and material on genetics.
  • Scitable by Nature Education, eBooks - This link takes to the list of genetics electronic books available through the Scitable.