Science Boot Camp 2012 Speakers and Video

Science Boot Camp 2012 – Speakers and Video

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Elaine Martin, Director of Library Services, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Laura Walters, Associate Director of Tisch Library, Tufts University
Regina Raboin, Data Management Services Coordinator, Science Research & Instruction Librarian, Tisch Library, Tufts University
Dr. Anthony Monaco, President of Tufts University – Genetics of Neurodevelopment Disorders
Dr. Jean Frazier, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School – Neuroimaging of Children's Brains

Thursday June 14, 2012

Engineering Education at Tufts
Dr. Linda Abriola, Dean of School of Engineering, Tufts – Overview of Engineering Education
Organic Chemistry
Dr. Susan Meschwitz, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Salve Regina University – Overview of Organic Chemistry
Dr. Catherine Neto, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – Research on chemicals in red berries and their effect on health
Data Visualization
Dr. Timothy Atherton, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Tufts – Overview of Data Visualization and its use in the sciences and other disciplines

Friday June 15, 2012

Capstone: ARL e-Science Institute/Educating the e-Science Librarian
Carolyn Mills, Research & Instruction Services, Homer Babbidge Library, UConn – Overview of e-Science
Arta Dobbs, Collection Management Librarian, Stowe Library, UConn Health Center, and Carolyn Mills – eScience @ UConn and UConn Health Center
Maxine Schmidt, Head of Science & Engineering Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst – Wrangling Data in Dallas
Amy Stout, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Librarian, MIT – ARL/DLF e-Science Institute
Panel of e-Science ARL Institute Librarians
Dr. Terry Plum, Assistant Dean, GSLIS West, Simmons College – Education of the e-Science Librarian