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Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops

MOOCs of Interest 

  • Coursera offers a number of online courses related to data science and data management
  • edX - MOOCs offered by Harvard and MIT, among others, on a number of data-related topics

Master of Information and Data Science Programs

Master's Level Programs

Post-Master's Certificate

PhD Level Programs

Post-doc Programs

Library/iSchool Data Curation Courses

Library/iSchool Digital Curation Certificate Programs

Continuing Education

  • Data Matters: Data Science Short Course Series – A week-long series of classes held at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for researchers, data analysts, and other individuals who wish to increase their skills in data studies and integrate data science methods into their research designs and skill sets.
  • Science Boot Camp for Librarians – An opportunity for librarians to immerse into learning about science disciplines over the course of 2½ days. Each boot camp features three science sessions where local New England faculty present an overview of a science subject and discuss current research in the field. Capstone session features issues in science librarianship.

Online Courses and Tutorials

  • DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians (2013) – Developed and piloted by data librarians on small groups of librarians at the University of Edinburgh, this kit is designed to contain everything needed (ppts., exercises, podcasts, MANTRA online course, evaluation forms, etc. to complete a similar training course on your own (in small groups) and is based on open educational materials.
  • RDM for Librarians – An online training course that delivers concise and comprehensive instruction on research data management specifically for librarians.
  • Data Management for Clinical Research – A six-week Coursera online course offered periodically. Taught by Vanderbilt University biomedical informatics faculty, the course focuses on critical concepts and practical methods to support research data planning, collection, storage and dissemination.
  • DataONE Data Management Education Modules – This education program is geared towards earth scientists, but it contains much useful information for librarians to help them to be a resource to their faculty and researchers. Topics include metadata, data sharing, citation, and the data lifecycle.
  • RDMRose Learning Materials/Version 1 (2013) – RDMRose is a JISC funded project for continuing professional education learning materials in research data management tailored for information professionals. Filled with hands-on activities, the course is modular, consisting of eight sections. Topics include why research data management is important for researchers and roles information science professionals can play. There is also a shorter version, RDMRose Lite, which is a two-hour overview.