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Competencies for Librarians

Competencies for e-Science Librarians

  • Digital Curation in the Academic Library Job Market (2012) – Examination of 110 job listings conducted by at team at the University of North Texas to identify what competencies individuals need to work in digital curation. Job ads serve as a crucial indicator of what the requirements are for a qualified workforce in the area of digital curation.
  • Upskilling Liaison Librarians for Research Data Management (2012) – A summary of the literature exploring the competencies required by librarians to adopt roles in research data management.
  • Re-skilling for Research (2012) – Investigates researchers’ information needs and maps the skills and knowledge that librarians need to meet these needs. Offers a comparison of different models of library support for researchers, comparisons of current job descriptions, and training opportunities for librarians.
  • E-Science Librarianship: Field Undefined (2011) – Authors analyze job advertisements for e-Science related positions and the use of the term e-Science to explore what is meant by e-science librarianship. Conclusion of their analysis is that e-science librarianship at present is not a defined field and librarian roles in e-science are nebulous.