Science Primers

Science Primers

Librarians providing data related services to the scientific research community need relevant subject knowledge to successfully engage in e-Science projects. Science Primers is a collection of links to educational resources in the life sciences, physical sciences and engineering fields. Designed for librarians who do not have a science background or who may be unfamiliar with a particular science topic, the Science Primer pages provide links to dictionaries, glossaries, video tutorials, educational websites, online textbooks, presentations, and research tools in a broad range of science subjects.

Guide to Primers

Life Sciences Physical Sciences Engineering

The Science Boot Camp page features links to the four Science Boot Camps from 2009-2012. Originated by a group of science librarians from the five University of Massachusetts campuses, Science Boot Camp is a 2 ½ day immersion into scientific disciplines. Each Science Boot Camp features learning sessions of three scientific fields, taught by New England researchers. Science topics covered at Science Boot Camp include:

  • 2009: GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Bioinformatics, and Nanotechnology
  • 2010: Genetics, Climate Change, and Remote Sensing
  • 2011: Robotics, Astronomy, and Epidemiology
  • 2012 (to be held June 13-15): Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, and Data Visualization

Research Tools and Methodologies includes links to resources that explain methodologies used in basic and applied biomedical research, information about GIS (Geographic Information Systems), ontologies, and world statistics.

Science Overview

  • NOVA Teachers – This site offers a broad range of science resources designed to bring science, engineering and technology "to life."
  • NSDL (National Science Digital Library)--online educational resources for teaching and learning, with current emphasis on the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.


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