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Data Repositories

Select Science Data Repositories

  • Zenodo - Research and data sharing platform developed by CERN for research outputs from all science disciplines. Links up your research both to ORCID and GitHub
  • Figshare – A data sharing platform that allows researchers to publish all of their research outputs in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner. One of Figshare’s goal is for researchers to share even negative results from their works, in order to reduce duplication of effort, and to promote citations.

Compiled Lists of Research Data Repositories

Repository Software

  • DSpace – DSpace is an open source software for building open digital repositories. It preserves and enables access to all types of digital content including text, images, and data sets.
  • DuraCloud – A hosted service and open technology developed by DuraSpace, DuraCloud leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content. Particularly focused on providing preservation support services and access services for academic libraries and academic research centers.
  • DuraSpace Blog – News and information from the Fedora Repository and DSpace communities.
  • web seminars – Links to slides and content from Duraspace hosted web seminars on repository systems and solutions.
  • Fedora – Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) defines a set of abstractions for expressing digital objects, asserting relationships among digital objects, and linking "behaviors" (i.e., services) to digital objects.
  • Fedora-A Repository for the Future (2013) – Beginning In 2013, stakeholders in the Fedora Community initiate Fedora Futures, a 3 year overhaul of Fedora to improve scalability, data management support, and storage flexibilities, among other features requested by users.
  • Islandora/Fedora Repository Software Survey (2010) – Survey done by the Repositories Software Project that provides information on functions, operability, metadata and support for Islandora and Fedora repository software.

Publications on Data Repositories