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Data Literacy Guides & References

DIL Guides and Reference Materials

Here you will find materials that are not directly focused on Data Information Literacy (DIL) education per se, but which may have value in either informaing the development of DIL programs or have value as class readings or reference materials.

Booklets and Downloads

  • Guidelines for Responsible Data Management in Scientific Research (PDF; 46 p., no date) – Developed by the Office of Research Integrity at the US Dept. of Health and Human Resources, this online course on conducting responsible data management in scientific research is targeted for new investigators and those new to the research process.
  • Managing and Sharing Data (PDF; 40 p., 2011) – Comprehensive guide for researchers on data management best practices, created by the UK Data Archive. See 2014 book-version linked below.

Web-based Guides and Information

  • Research Data Management Best Practices Database, DataONE - "provides individuals with recommendations on how to effectively work with their data through all stages of the data lifecycle."
  • ICPSR Data Management and Curation - Resources from the Inter-univeristy Consortium for Political and Social Research including how to prepare and archive data, how to create a data managmenet plan, considerations for confidential data, tools and resources, and much more.
  • USGS Resources for Data Management - while some of this information is more relevant to geospatital data, the majority of this web site has excellent, general information on data management topics and tools.
  • UK Data Archive online guide to data managenent - a comprehensive suite of information on data management topics.