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Blogs and Social Media


  • Data Ab Initio – Blogger Kristin Briney has a PhD in physical chemistry and an MIS. Her posts cover various topics related to research data management.
  • Data Conservancy blog – Posts by partners of the Data Conservancy partners. Focus on collaborative efforts to build cyberinfrastructure that address data curation and management challenges.
  • Data Pub – California Digital Library’s Conversations about Data blog.
  • Databrarians – A collaborative blog created by Celia Emmelhainz, Social Science Data Librarian at Colby College. Sharing resources and ideas to help bring data librarians together to build services.
  • Digitization 101 – Blog by Jill Hurst-Wahl, faculty member of Syracuse University’s iSchool. Covers topics related to digital libraries, digitalization, management and preservation of digital assets.
  • DuraSpace Blog – News and information from the Fedora Repository and DSpace communities.
  • Kevin the Librarian – Kevin Read is a new librarian and NLM fellow who often shares new tools and resources on his blog.
  • A Librarian by any other Name – Sally Gore regularly posts her reflections on serving as a librarian informationist on a research team at UMass Medical School.
  • The Library Adventures of Kiyomi – Blog of Kiyomi Deards, Science librarian and Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Includes subject specific resources on various sciences.
  • Lorcan Dempsey’s Weblog – Lorcan Dempsey is the Vice President of OCLC Research and Chief Strategist. His blog posts explore how library organizations, services and technologies support changing research and learning needs.
  • Science Seeker – A collection of over 1200 blogs and science news sources aggregated by Science Online.

Social Media

  • Big Data Science – Follow @analyticbridge on Twitter for all things big data, machine learning, predictive modeling, R, Hadoop, Python, business analytics, data mining, IoT and operations research. Tweeting out tons of resources, tutorials and more.
  • #datalibs – Follow #datalibs on Twitter to see what librarians are talking about and for new resources and trends related to data science.
  • #medlibs – Follow #medlibs on Twitter to see what medical librarians are talking about related to health sciences and the challenges they face.
  • DataQ – The DataQ Project is a collaborative platform for the community to use to ask and answer questions related to research data support in academic libraries.