Connect with Others

Connect with Others

In order to strengthen knowledge and foster collaboration, we have compiled many ways for librarians to find support organizations, programs and information. In particular, the e-Science Community is intended to serve as both a bulletin board for news, upcoming events, and continuing education/job opportunities as well as a forum that librarians can use to post questions or to initiate and engage in discussions. Be sure to find out what is going on outside of the e-Science Program, and other outlets for e-science/data science news and trends.

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In addition, the DataLibs Distribution List is a way for the e-Science Program to disseminate and communicate:

DataLibs also serves as a forum for the discussion between e-science and data librarians. The listserv is hosted by the NER. All subscribers are welcome to use this listserv to distribute any e-science related news. The UMMS ListServer Policy will be followed to ensure this listserv is professional, valuable, and useful for all subscribers. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on e-science activities, please be sure you are subscribed to “DataLibs.”

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