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Library Roles in e-Science

Library Roles

Recommended Introductory Primers

General Readings

  • Academic Libraries as Data Quality Hubs (2013) – Proposes a service model for libraries, where librarians would use the Digital Curation Lifecycle model to demonstrate how certain measures can be used "to understand and evaluate data quality within the curatorial process."
  • The Changing Roles of Libraries in Support of Research Data Activities (2010) (symposium presentations) – Video presentations from a public symposium sponsored by the National Research Council’s Board on Research Data and Information. Features nationally recognized library leaders discussing institutional roles for libraries in research support and data curation.

Research Support Services

  • Open Access & Data Management Are Do-Able Through Partnerships (2013) – Keynote by Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Research Data Management and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University, at the ASERL Summer Summit. Link includes slides and recording of presentation. Presentation explores visions for building research data infrastructures, gives an overview of the 3 broad categories of data services, and new approaches to research support.
  • Data Asset Framework – The Data Asset Framework (DAF) provides a method for academic library faculty to conduct an audit of the data set assets within their institution. This can be an early step in the implementation of a data repository or data curation policy. This document provides example survey instruments used at several UK universities for DAF implementation.

Case Studies

  • A Subject Librarian's Guide to Collaborating on e-Science Projects (2009) – Advice for subject librarians entering into research data services and developing skills for data curation work. Authors use a case study on their experiences collaborating with two chemistry faculty on an e-science project as the framework for article.
  • The Data Dilemma (2007) – MIT librarians explore the challenges faced by researchers, data managers, and librarians in managing the explosion of scientific data, with a focus on obstacles in data storage and data dissemination.
  • Librarians as partners in e-research (2007) – Discussion of Purdue University Libraries’ initiatives for developing library services that support e-research. E-Research includes all domains of research that are challenged with exploring new ways of doing research in computationally enhanced and networked environments.