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New England E-Science Program Advisory Board

New England E-Science Program Advisory Board

Photo of Linda Plunket
Chairperson: Linda Plunket
Associate University Librarian for Graduate & Research Services
Boston University
Photo of Sarah Oelker
Sarah Oelker, eScience Portal for Researchers Committee Chair
Science Librarian
Mount Holyoke College
Photo of Zachary Painter
Zachary Painter, eScience Curriculum and Education Committee Chair
Engineering & Data Services Librarian
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Photo of Daina Bouquin
Daina Bouquin
Assistant Head Librarian, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Harvard University
Photo of Megan Bresnahan
Megan Bresnahan
Life Sciences and Agriculture Librarian
University of New Hampshire
Photo of Andrew Creamer
Andrew Creamer
Scientific Data Management Specialist
Brown University
Photo of Christopher Erdmann
Christopher Erdmann
Chief Strategist for Research Collaboration, NCSU Libraries
North Carolina State University
Photo of Tom Hohenstein
Tom Hohenstein
Research Data Management Librarian
Boston University
Photo of Elaine Martin
Elaine Russo Martin
Director, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Photo of Howard Silver
Howard Silver
Head of Data and Specialized Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Photo of Evan Simpson
Evan Simpson
Associate Dean, Research and Learning Services
Northeastern University
Photo of Rong Tang
Rong Tang
Associate Professor, School of Library & Information Science
Simmons College

Previous Advisory Board Members

Regina Raboin, Chairperson, 2013-2016
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Carolyn Mills
University of Connecticut

Sally Wyman
Boston College

Sally Gore
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Michelle Hudson
Yale University

Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Chairperson, 2009-2013
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Tracey Leger-Hornby
Leger-Hornby Consulting Services

Elizabeth Schneider
Massachusetts General Hospital, Treadwell Library

Kari Swanson
Southern Connecticut State University

David Lapointe
Tufts University

Jennifer Woodward
Whitinsville Social Library